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What i use for my hair ?

Since i colored my hair into platinum white. I have to be careful taking care of it so i found this product and i used it all the time. I love loreal it takes care my hair so well. The hair treatment of loreal professional i use it 1-2x a week. When I comb through my hair after showering, there are absolutely no tangles! My hair is more manageable & smoother without styling or any other products. What really surprised me was when I tried using a hair iron, I only had to go through sections of my hair once! I usually have to iron my hair multiple times to straighten it so this really shocked me. Plus, my hair does really look more vibrant than before. Something that I would like to point out is that both products have a strong fragrance (for me). Honestly, it is something that I do not particularly enjoy but is bearable. My sister, however, says that it smells nice & that it lingers for a bit. Overall, despite the high price point, I would definitely recommend anyone with colored hair.


Ms Yuna

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