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My perfume " Guerlain " one of my favorites.

Yes ! to Guerlain one of a kind ! The sweetness yet, the smooth angelic smell added to the elegant sexiness. The smell is a wonderful berry (I would have said "cherryy", BEFORE the pyramid was inspected ^^) rose blossomed on me (with a touch of caramel vanilla, but not too strong, later after a lot of fresh fruit (probably the bergamot flap) such a great warmth was added, not a squeaky sweetness, but a really noble praline, which clings to me and earned me quite a lot of compliments, both at work and privately. I didn't feel it in me fruity sweet, but warm-sweet.

A Brief History of Guerlain Perfumes

Guerlain is the official supplier of the European court. Queen Victoria, the Hungarian queen as well as the Russian Emperor have awarded Guerlain with this title. The brand was created in Paris, Rue de Rivoli to be exact, in 1828 by Pierre François Pascal Guerlain. It stayed in the Guerlain family for over one hundred and fifty years. Then, in 1994, It was bought by the French group LVMH which possesses Louis Vuitton among other brands. The perfume is based on scents of black cherry and bergamot orange. Its name, which literally means « the little black dress » is a tribute to Coco Channel’s creation.


Ms Yuna

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