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Online Dating You'd Think Are True, But Are Complete Lies

There are a million sites out there that claim to cater to highly specific audiences and meet every need, as well as boasting of advanced security and identity algorithms, yet we’re far more likely to venture onto Facebook and fall for a made-up profile than give an online dating site a look-in, no matter how good it claims to be? Why the inherent distrust? We’ve busted some myths for you in the following section:

1. Every Person On An Online Dating Site Is Weird

Maybe, but in an “everyone is weird in the own way” understanding. The fact is that there are normal people on these sites looking for normal things. Mostly.

2. People Actually Use Them

Yes, there are users on these sites, people that log into their profiles, check messages and update stuff. Normal people. Mostly normal, anyway.

3. They’re Not Passive, Either

Yes, they’ll reply, and even initiate. If you’d only care to take a look? Beware of the weirdos however (kidding!)

4. Convenience Is A Huge Factor

If you’re an up and coming doctor who’s stationed at the ER on the graveyard shift, you’re not likely to have too much time to “hang out” and get to know many persons. Hello, online dating.

5. Every Profile Isn’t A Fake

You’ll see the genuine people when you come across their profile, just like on Facebook.

6. The Pictures Aren’t All Lies, Either

Sure some of them are handy with Photoshop, while others may be wizards with flattering angles, lighting and their choice of mobile editing app, but every other social media platform has that. You want to put a good picture up!

7. It Is Work!

If online dating is a substitute for a first date (or a first few), then things like putting on your best perfume may not matter, but several other things do. Conversation, timing, humour, listening – it’s not just something abstract.

8. It’s Just For Hooking Up

Some “online dating” sites may be, others may be used to that effect, but it would still be a bit rich to say that all users are looking for a strictly one night situation or anything like that. That’s just rubbish.

9. The Algorithms/Matchmaking Is Pointless

Believe it or not, the system actually trying to pair you with people who are similar to you actually works. It depends on whether you can get past your stubborn belief of the serendipitous nature of love. And your inclination to put looks on a pedestal. But hey, whatever works, it’s all about you.

10. It Doesn’t Mean Anything

In an age where digital communication is slowly taking over the way we converse, the dating world is no different. Your words still mean what they should, and are as good a giveaway of you as anything else. Sure you can see the person face-to-face, but what meaningful conversation was to be had in a dingy, smoky, overly-loud pub anyway?


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