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Poetic Sonnet Love Messages For Fiance

Hooked! Booked! And engaged! It is the time when you are on cloud nine. You cannot think of anything other than ways to please him/her. From long drives to holding hands and walking on the beach, everything else seems to not matter at all. You tend to do things that you have never done before like hand-picking flowers for a bouquet, buying a box of assorted chocolates, thoughtfully planning a candle-light dinner, listening to romantic songs and watching movies together. This is the time when you two turn a new page in your lives, write new stories and poetry, and cherish them for life.

And there are times when nothing else matters, when you are in his/her arms. Sweet words are the best present in that moment. Memorise these love messages for fiance or leave them as a note on the mirror. Love is all about small gestures and loving words. Make your fiancé feel the most special with these beautiful romantic messages, our collection of the best love messages for fiance in one page:


The essence of this love message for fiance is that after a long and tiring journey, where you fell and bruised your heart several times, you stop by at an inn to rest, and you meet somebody so divine. It feels like a miracle when you feel loved in return. You will give away everything to be with that someone. And when time comes, when you two will share one roof together forever, you travel back in time, and think of the night you met him/her. In that moment, you feel that you will never be able to repay destiny for its kindness for bringing love and happiness in your life.


After a long journey, you meet your fiancé, and you fall head over heels in love with him/her. And when you two decide to spend the rest of your lives together, you know it in your heart that there is no greater love than your love. There is nothing more beautiful, pure and rare as your love. Nothing feels more precious and priceless than what you two share now. And you will endlessly, timelessly, forever cherish this bond, so say it with one of the best love messages for fiance ever which is also an emotional love message to send.


Love makes you drool. It makes you feel happy and blue at the same time. And when a bag of happy emotions bursts inside you, you feel like you are in heaven. And you want to promise to him that come what may, you will always be his. And these nine promises that you truly wish to embrace, will show him how much you love to him with one of the most romantic love messages for fiance on our (or any other) list.


This is one of those cute love messages that talks of how even though you two have not united as one by the holy bond, but you know it in your heart that your heart belongs to him/her, and that there’s nothing in this big wide world that makes you feel the way you feel for him/her now. Love to you is the commitment to him/her that you will be his/her’s for the rest of your life, now and forever, till the last breath, so say it with one of the best love messages for fiance ever.


How beautifully a man sums up his love in a few words that rhyme with his heartbeats. There is nothing more beautiful and endearing than her, and this love message for fiance concurs. Everything around her is just a blur. Because she is all he sees. The beauty of the colourful rainbow looks dull when she passes by in front of it. She is the reason for his happiness, and the key to his joyous tomorrow.


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