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Romantic Things You Can Say To Your Love Ones

Love is in the air with Valentine’s day just around the corner, and young couples everywhere are busy finalizing their plans and picking up presents. There is a lot that you can say to your Valentine to let them know how much they mean to you, but if you’re looking for something truly special that conveys perfectly just how much love you have for them, then check out our list of the 19 most romantic things to say to your partner this Valentine’s Day:


A classic line from one of the greatest romantic movies of all time (Gone With The Wind) is a good way to start off our list. Following it up with a big, wet kiss would make for the perfect moment.


Look them in the eye and let them know exactly how you feel with this beautiful line. This is one they’ll remember for a long time.


Love is a state of being, a condition… not an achievement. Let your Valentine know that everyday you find something new to appreciate and love about them.


It’s pretty straightforward, and one of the best things anyone can hear.


There are grand statements of love, and there is plain truth.


Said with a slight air of disbelief, this is a most disarming statement that will have your Valentine melting.


Pay them a classy compliment.


Isn’t that the truth?


Not subtle, but all too endearing.


Maybe not the only thing to say to them all night, but this sincere revelation is a pretty amazing thing to hear for anyone.


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