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Selfish Love Quotes that are Infact Selfless

Is your love selfish, or selfless? It is necessary to be a bit greedy, mad and insane to truly be in love. Find out what it takes to love madly, deeply and like nothing else matters with these beautiful selfish love quotes.


One of the perfect selfish love quotes for couples who are madly-in-love. Tell your partner how greedy, crazy and madly you are in love with him or her with this simple yet superb love quote. Tell them how you really cannot breathe without him or her. A quote every person in love should share with his or her partner.


Alexandre Dumas is a 19th century French novelist who is best known for his books like The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo and Twenty Years After, which were later made into movies too. He is also the most translated French author with his innumerable works being translated into more than 100 languages in the world. This selfish love quotes by Alexandre Dumas succinctly tells us how love is the most selfish of all passions. Now you accept it, live with it and hold on to it – you are lucky to find the one you love and you better not let go, come what may.


Mandy Hale is a New York Times Bestselling author of “The Single Woman”. With this quote Mandy explains how it is important to love yourself, take care of yourself and your happiness is your priority. It is a fact done the happiest person is the best lover, so if you want to really make you partner happy – love yourself first.


This is one of the selfish love quotes which is witty and honest. Tell your partner what your state of mind is – no more distractions, nothing else really matters but your love. He or she will surely be happy to hear that they are the centre of your world. A must-share love quote!


An adorable quote on love and how you madly want your partner to be just yours. Yes, it is selfish, possessive but your partner will surely understand what you are trying to say. A quote that is honest and real, something you could definitely share with your lover.


Marilyn Monroe is an American actress, singer and model who went on to be a sex symbol of the 50 and 60s. This is a beautiful quote from her which talks of being selfish and loving somebody who has been there for you, with you all through. You really don’t need to love somebody who has been there for you in times of need but is around when you are doing good. A quote on love, and how you should be selfish when you choose the one who would be yours for the rest of your life.


A quote on how you should fight, work and sacrifice to have the one you love. A quote on how everything’s worth it for love. A love quote on how being selfish is also important, and how much you love your partner. Share it with him or her and they will surely feel loved and special.


A selfish quote on love that is actually the most selfless love quote ever. Show your partner how much you love and how deeply you care for his or her’s happiness with this personal, honest and delightful love quote.


Edward Albert is a Golden Globe winning American actor who is best known for his portrayal as a blind man in the 1972 film, Butterflies Are Free. A simple one-liner quote from him this, one that talks of how you need to be selfish to really be selfless. A quote that initially might sound confusing, but as you go deeper, you will understand that it is a very reasonable and a well-thought out line on love. One that you can surely share with your partner.


Ayn Rand is one of the most prolific modern English writers of the twentieth century. She is a Russian born American writer known for her works, The Fountain head and Atlas Shrugged. This quote is an excerpt from The Fountainhead and talks of how love is all encompassing. It is the power potent power or feeling that you possess. A quote about untainted love that is selfish and so independent that it is bigger than even the person you love.


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