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Stages Of Relationship Every Couple Will Go Through

1. The Infatuation Stage

The infatuation stage is when you first become obsessed with the person that you see either as a potential partner or have just gotten together with. This is one of the greatest feelings in the world and all you can think about for days on end is to be in their arms once again. Some say that certain couples never leave this stage, but that’s an endearing way of saying that they remain as in love as they ever were, not that they haven’t progressed.

2. The Connection Stage

This is the stage when the couple gets to know each other. Questions are posed, details are shared, likes and dislikes are exchanged… views are requested on things like favourite movies to favourite breed of dog. This is where a connection is formed and the couple moves past just the thrill of being around each other and physical attraction.

3. The Real Stage

There comes a time when you are courting the other person or after the two of you are together, that you first get your hint that this is a real relationship, and more often than not, that memo arrives in the form of a fight. It can be a small disagreement that escalated into something more and unnecessary, or it can be a quarrel over a silly issue that the both of you do not want to assume responsibility for. Whatever it is, this is the signal that the honeymoon period is over.

4. The Assessment Stage

Not long after the real stage, the assessment stage takes over and this is where you form all your opinions about the relationship and about your partner, that aren’t clouded by the infatuation that you shared. Things have settled, and you are taking a good look at what the two of you have managed to accomplish and set up so far.

5. The Expectations Stage

At this point, the two decide upon what they like about their partners, and what they would like to change or improve and then subtly go about doing it. It could be making a face when the partner smokes or encouraging their love to take certain actions. Whatever it is, this stage can also be seen as a mini power struggle where both partners are trying to influence the other but trying not to change themselves.

6. The Content Stage

If your relationship survives the previous stage, then you will be in a place where the both of you are very content with your relationship. You may not have the ideal partner (the one you imagined in your head), but you have someone and they are yours and you love them for it.

7. The Doubting Stage

When things get content, there is a chance that you can take each other for granted, and if that ever happens, one or both of you is going to resent the other. Accusations of infidelity, not caring, the spark going missing and everything else may take place here.

8. The Reworking Stage

Getting past the doubting stage takes the reestablishment of trust. And that is only possible when the two partners work together. Honest and respectful communication, a reinforcement of love and a willingness to compromise all play their part here.

9. The Happy Stage

If you can get to the previous stage and cross it, chances are that the trust meter between the two of you will be at 100 percent and you will be very happy with someone you consider the perfect one for you to spend your life with!


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