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The Easiest Way To Tee Up With A New Man: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

I spent the day with one of my close girlfriends whacking balls at a golf club on the driving range. As we lined up our shots and sipped our iced tea we marveled at the amount of young, attractive guys at the driving range. Ping! Idea.

Maybe you’re not really interested in golf, and I would agree with you. Golf is one of those leisurely sports that makes for boring TV. But there’s something calming about smacking balls into the distance and the close proximity to men that could make it a great spot to meet someone new. We previously talked about great places to meet new people , but the driving range wasn’t on that list.

It’s definitely a girl’s game, we were the only two girls there for a while. Everyone stands pretty close to each other commenting on different shots and tips they want to share. You could easily go and get some quick tips from the cute guy next to you. You will get bonus points for actually trying out something new. Worst case scenario you spend 45 minutes hitting balls really hard.

We recommend buying a bucket of balls and borrowing a club or two from someone you know. Hit the golf club on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for it’s busiest time. You could even pick up a new hobby and a new man.


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