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Things Couples Who Can’t Live Without Food Go Through

1. You Both Have A List Of The “Must – Eat – Here”

During your free time, you both find yourselves, spending time together while browsing the search engines or your instagram feed, in search of a restaurant that you both haven’t tried before. In case the menu sounds awesome, it goes on your so called ‘To Do List’, and you guys try to hit it up ASAP!

2. Food Is The Best Way To Spend Quality Time Together

Watching movies, playing video games or studying together, all these activities would be so totally boring without something to munch on. No matter what is it that you both do, you ‘neeeeed’ food to be around, otherwise the task at hand is not worth it.

3. Date? Perfect! Which Resto?

As a couple, your idea of a perfect date is to go out to a restaurant and eat; after all, it’s one of the main reasons why you both are together.

4. Sharing Is Caring? Pfft, What’s That?

You both order individual meals that are excessive for a normal human, but that doesn’t stop you from not sharing anything. This includes sticking their fries in that tiny splatter of ketchup which fell at an insignificant corner of your plate.

5. There’s No Judgement On The Amount You Stuff Yourself With

It doesn’t matter if you have ate a double–up cheese burger from McDonald’s and still want to eat another burger. You both share an understanding that is so good, that he or she doesn’t judge you on the amount you ingest. You might as well stuff yourself like a thanksgiving turkey and he would totally find you cute!

6. Last Slice Of Pizza/Cake

There is always a fight for the last slice of pizza remaining. This is why you both tend to order for two separate boxes of it, to avoid all kinds of dispute.

7. If I Share My Food, You Are F*!$Ing Special!

You guys may have had several arguments and disputes over the last slice of pizza, but such arguments don’t happen often. There are times when you both share food too. Your significant other knows that when you share food with them, then they are extra special to you, (because, how can anyone sacrifice something as royal and decadent as food?). This includes, giving them the bigger piece of the chocolate, letting them borrow some crudités and hummus and also letting them sniff your shawarma.

8. Hangry? Don’t Worry, I Understand

Hangry is also defined as the process of your hunger being transformed into anger. It drives you so crazy that a wrath of a tornado seems much tamed compared to you. Though, this might drive everyone around you crazy and mad too, except your significant other. You’ll notice that your boyfriend/girlfriend is peacefully sitting at the corner of the room, mouthing the following words, “I understand. BTW, I ordered Chinese”.

9. Your Secret Language Is ‘Grunting And Moaning’

When the tastiest food item arrives on your table and you both are absolutely relishing every flavour of it on your taste buds, you and your partner are caught in this continuous communication of grunts and moans describing how good the food is.

10. What I Want For My Birthday? Foooood!

You both are well aware of the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, can compete with the rush of excitement and acceleration that your heartbeat goes through when you open a gift which consists food content. While others expect getting Swarovski crystals or a car for their birthdays, you both absolutely adore getting surprised by food. Whether it is breakfast in bed prepared by your boyfriend on your birthday, or, you taking him to a buffet, you both love them all.

11. You’re Gone And I Gotta Stay High All The Time

When your partner is away on a business trip and you find yourself eating all the meals of the day alone, you both tend to take photographs of the food that you are consuming and send it to each other. Even the text conversations that take place are related to food!


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