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Three Favs That Go Beyond Beautiful Inspirational Love story

What are inspirational love stories? Beautiful love stories that makes us want to grow old with our true soul-mate. Every couple has a beautiful love story that goes through its own shares of ups and downs, is stocked with wonderful and lovely memories and has so much to look forward to. While every couple finds their story the best, and one should see it that way, it’s always amazing to read inspirational love stories of others. Reading others’ inspirational love stories makes us see different shades of love and may sometimes help us relate to their stories too. You never know who, where and how may inspire you… so never stop seeking inspiration.

1. Inspirational Love Stories – Howard And Cynthia

A young girl of only 18, Cynthia, first met Howard. It was a classic story of love at first sight. Both worked together and had all the time to spend together but NO that’s not what happened! For a long time, they communicated through scribbled notes on paper towels. BUT Cynthia was already in a relationship and eventually this flame died and faded. This is 1950 and now let’s fast forward to 2012. Yes, this love story took 62 years! In 2012, Cynthia received a package with all the sweet scribbled notes! Along with that was another note that read ‘I never stopped loving you…’ It was now Cynthia who found Howard and finally after 62 years from the first time they met they are now enjoying their ‘happily ever after.’

2. Inspirational Love Stories – Carey Mulligan And Marcus Mumford

2012 witnessed the beautiful celebrity wedding of Carey and Marcus. But what most people don’t know is that the couple were childhood pen pals, in a RL real love story. Way before the glitter and fame, they had exchanged their hearts through words. They seemed to have lost touch as life progressed but true love always finds its way back home. And find it did! It’s a beautiful and inspirational love story that stands firm till date to eternity.

3. Inspirational Love Stories – Boris And Anna

You may have seen it in movies and read love story novels about it but Boris and Anna lived through it. Just three days into their wedding, Boris was called in to serve in Russia’s Red army in 1946. By the time he returned, Anna and his family were declared enemies of the state and were sent to exile in Serbia!

For them, love was lost but never in their hearts. Both married other people but the memories never died. In 2007, after losing her husband, Anna decided to go find her long lost love. Call it destiny, but Boris too decided to visit the same place, on the same day to place flowers on his parents grave. He had lost his spouse too! And then what… they saw each other and all the young love, happiness and beautiful memories came rushing down and got them together for life. A true and inspirational love story that is absolutely beautiful!

These are JUST three, but there are a million other inspirational love stories waiting to be read, waiting to inspire and waiting to fill your heart with warmth and love. Every love story is beautiful but some just leave a special mark and impact on others. What’s your love story? Do you have inspirational love stories around you, or are you making your own? Love is twice as beautiful when shared with someone special and also when shared with others hoping for love.

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