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Topics To Talk With Girlfriend ?

Not only newbie couples, but even the ones who have been dating for quite sometime get stuck in the rut and mechanical conversations take precedence. Your chit-chats only include things that happened during the day and that’s pretty much the end of it.

The key to a happy and healthy relationship is to have engaging conversations that keep you both interested. If a couple ever reaches a point where they have nothing to talk about then it is pretty much understood that the relationship is doomed. Thus, a conversation that keeps both the partners invested in each other is the pre-requisite for a healthy relationship.

So for times when there’s that awkward deafening silence, here are some pointers about interesting topics to talk with girlfriends about. Not necessary that you talk about all these points at once; depending on the situation, you get to choose which ones go best.

1. The Future

If you’ve been together for a while, then talking about the future seems right, as far as topics to talk with girlfriend go. It will give you an idea about where you two stand as a couple and may even help narrow down points that you both need to work on to get where you both want to.

2. Goals

There are personal goals, and then there are professional goals. So discussing goals is another topic to talk about. When you tackle this topic together, it gives you both a better idea about how to approach them more realistically.

3. Interests

As we grow older, our likes and dislikes change with time and situations. So this is one of those topics to talk with girlfriend that never turn boring. You can also see it as an opportunity to understand your partner better.

4. Gossip

Oh, gossip is another thing that never gets boring! You can gossip day in and day out and still not be over with it!

5. Friends

If you both have just started dating then it’s pretty important for both of you to get to know each other’s friends as well. As they say, when you are in a relationship with someone, you are actually in a relationship with their extended circle as well which involves family, friends etc. So it is a good thing to warm up to them, and an easy way to start is by including them in your topics to talk with girlfriend dearest.

6. Pets

If she loves animals and has pets at home, then that would be a sweet conversation starter. This is one topic that she would never get tired of talking about.

7. Life Events

One of the most fascinating things about life is that it is filled with so many moments (nice, not-so-nice, and bad ones). Each year of our life has something valuable that we can always talk about and still not run out of topics.

8. Movies

Talk about your favourite films and why you like them too; movies actually make for great topics to talk with girlfriends. Don’t bore her though. Talk about iconic roles that had an impact on your life and ask her if she loved a movie so much that she could relate to it.

9. Celebs

We all have our celeb crushes, don’t we? So give each other the opportunity to reveal which all celebs you both would love to go out with. You never know, it might even turn into a fun game!

10. Political views

Well, I’ve noticed that this is one of the topics to talk with girlfriend on which people can actually have very strong views. It’ll be a great way for you two to bond on an intellectual level as you find out more about each other’s views.

11. Experiences

Talk about things that affected you or your life in a major way. It could be a funny situation or a tragedy – it totally depends on what you think will interest her.

12. “Me Time” Moments

Talk about what do you usually prefer doing when you’re all by yourself. Trust me when I say this, people can really have some wacky answers to this!

13. Music

We all have our own choices when it comes to music. As topics to talk with girlfriend go, music is a good option. Discuss the kind of music she likes and tell her about your choices. You never know, the night may turn into a musical session!

14. Dreams

No, I’m not talking about dreams for life. I’m talking about dreams and nightmares. Many people have recurring dreams which they often just keep to themselves. So if you think you two are the ones for each other then why not open up a little?

15. Mountains vs Beach

Oh, I’m sure we can all have long never-ending discussions on this topic, especially if we have different choices. So ask her if she’s a mountain person or a beach person and watch one thing lead to another.

16. Food

Having this discussion will not only help you understand each other better but will also solve the problem of deciding where to go next for dinner! Isn’t it frustrating when you can never arrive at a neutral answer?

17. Super Powers

At some point in our lives, I think we’ve all wished that we had some sort of a super power to have that edge over the others as a way to escape from the mundane routine. So you can always talk about that.

18. Fantasies

Fantasizing is a normal part of everybody’s life. We use it as our own way to escape from the daily life into a zone where no one can break into. So talk about your fantasies and “unrealistic” hopes, it’s an interesting option among topics to talk with girlfriend about.

19. Pet Peeves

We all have certain things that we just cannot stand. And somehow, others always find it amusing when we get irritated. So this may be a fun way to discuss the things that annoy her so that you know what lines to keep out of.

20. Vacations

If you both have always planned to take off to some place and travel then why not talk about it and actually act on it? Taking vacations is fun. But hey, planning one takes forever! So this is one topic on which you can have an extensive discussion, and finalize.

21. Fears

Our fears are something we are not very comfortable talking about. But as a couple, it becomes crucial to be able to share our worst fears that we wouldn’t share with others. They say talking about certain things can also help you overcome them. So…

Strict No-No

While it is good to know what counts as ‘okay’ to talk about, there are certain topics or touchy subjects that are better left out.

  • Her past relationships. Talking about it in your present will only ruin things for you.

  • Your past relationships. She would never want to hear you talking about them. At least not in the initial stage.

  • Problems within her family. Every person is protective and possessive of their family, so never enter the dark zone when it comes to that.

  • Negative points about her friends, especially male friends. You talking bad about her male friends can often be seen as a point of jealousy so it’s always better to not go there.

  • Mechanical stuff (unless she’s into it too). Let the mechanical and technical discussions be limited to your boy gang.

So you see, having a conversation is no rocket science, no matter how new or how experienced your relationship is. The only thing to be kept in mind is that whatever you talk about, it should be of interest to the both of you and not something that is only for her or only for you. Remember to keep it simple and casual and you’ll never have a problem.


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