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When Will I Find My True Love?

When will I find my true love? Now! Right here, right now, tonight, tomorrow, this holiday season. One never really knows. As they say, ‘there’s no beginning, there’ll be no end’. It’s love after all. So, if you really love me, come on and let it show because love actually is all around. You might find it at any minute. Truly. However, the question is, how do you know if this is the moment you’ve found true love. You don’t, until you do. And all of a sudden, the world’s a better place.

That’s how I met my true love. It was the Christmas Eve and I walked down to the nearest park. Just to soak in some of the snow, feel the joy, it was just another white winter after all. I just wanted to sit down and take in the view. At first, I saw just her eyes, those dark gorgeous eyes and I found myself just staring at them. And then all of a sudden, her face came into the view. Everything around me paused. And my heart started beating faster. Alert to the possibility of love. If only for the moment. If only for the night. I knew that was love at first sight.

She looked at me and flashed a smile. You talk, exchange numbers, and wish each other a Merry Christmas before settling for a peck on the cheek and saying goodbye. You know though, it’s not goodbye. You know for sure. You’ve felt it, the connection in the deepest crevices of your being. You know damn well that you’ll see her again.

Does it mean that you’ve found true love? Or does it mean that you’ve found the potential of true love. How does one know? You don’t. You have a feeling though. She might be the one. Or he might be the one. One can only hope. One never knows for sure. It’s said that true love stands the test of time. So, when is it true love? You don’t really know if it’s the real deal, unless you spend time together. But then how much time is enough time? To weather a storm together, holding each other’s hands or to stand the test of time?

Is lasting love the only measure of true love? Can’t unrequited love be true love? In fact, isn’t unrequited love the truest of all forms of love? After all, you’re letting a loved one go just to see them happy. You’re actually happy to see them happy even if it’s not with you.

Can’t love be true for as long as it lasts and then just be lost because you’re probably done loving? Or can’t you just be separated due to reasons other than love but still love each other very much?

Now, that’s either the best kind of love or the most foolish. It can be argued in favor and against. The question is, does it matter? Isn’t love just love? For however long it lasts? It can only last for a night but it can leave a lasting memory, a memory that you’ll remember forever.

So, the question shouldn’t be, when will I find my true love?

In my opinion, it should be, is the love I have right now or had before or will have in the future – true? See, when you find true love it lives on. And that’s one of the ways you know.

We have our own opinions though, mine is for me to know and yours is for you. However, I’m sure we can discuss it further, so please leave a comment and let’s see if we can find an answer to true love!

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