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Why A Retreat Into Nature Will Bring You Closer To Your New Spouse

There are many ways to get there, and every one of them involves creating a connection and unbreakable rapport with your partner.

If the next item in your wedding planner is the honeymoon, keep reading! We have outlined a few ways you can grow closer to your spouse while spending a memorable honeymoon surrounded by nature.

1. New Beginnings

Though the concept of honeymoon has been reduced to a ritual, we think there’s a lot to gain from taking some time just to be with your new spouse. Therefore, be wise where you choose to spend that precious time. The location and ambiance should be conducive to the growing romance between the two of you and also provide options for fun and adventures.

Pick a destination like Kerala, which will satiate the explorer as well as the vacationer in you. Many might agree that Kerala is a hidden gem of a honeymoon destination. This tourist haven located at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula is both exotic and affordable. It is bestowed with unparalleled natural beauty on all sides: land, coast, or hills.

2. Getting To Know Each Other

Sometimes it takes a lot to make a marriage work. It requires effort, a little bit of planning, and a lot of communication. Think of it as your reconnaissance mission for love. When you are alone, and away from the business of life, you might be able to open up to each other better. Take this opportunity to find out all about your spouse, including their strengths and weaknesses, quirks, interests, and pet peeves!

A quiet day inside a tree house or a picnic by the river might be the ideal setting to get to know your partner. Plan a romantic dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea or stop by an art gallery or museum. Indulge in each other’s interests and likes.

3. Away From The World

Solitude and privacy are valuable essentials when you are on your honeymoon. Being in a remote spot away from the city will automatically grant you privacy and seclusion. When you are away from the distractions of the world, you can truly be in each other’s presence. Build a strong connection that will see you through the tough times when you inevitably let the world back in.

A treehouse in the middle of thick rainforests or a private houseboat for just the two of you are some of the options you can go for. A luxury villa by the beach might also be perfect for a romantic escape.

4. Unwind

There’s no rule book that says that a honeymoon cannot be relaxing. Coming from the stress and exhaustion of wedding planning and then the event itself, you both deserve a day or two to relax and unwind. That’s all the more reason to pick a place full of soothing views and wilderness to lose yourself in. If you don’t want to spend time planning, a good alternative is to book a couple’s retreat in an Ayurvedic resort in Kerala. Take this opportunity to restore your mind, body, and soul, this time in each other’s company.

5. Start Strong

Like the old saying goes, a strong start is important. This is true for a marriage too. After all, isn’t that why we choose the most auspicious day and time to get married and perform a multitude of sacred rituals at wedding ceremonies? Whether you believe in these rituals or not, make sure that you and your partner are in harmony from the very beginning of your married life.

Being a good team is the secret to a marriage that stays every bit as good as the beginning. As the first trip you take together as a married couple, the honeymoon sets the tone for what is yet to come. That’s another reason to spend at least a part of your honeymoon indulging in activities that will bring you closer to each other. It could be surreal for you to learn more about your partner while you watch a beautiful sunrise or explore remote villages and the local flora and fauna together.

Maybe the honeymoon is your chance to set the foundation for a successful marriage. Switch off all the noises and tune out. Do a digital detox together and focus on the beautiful person next to you. What better way to do it than venturing hand in hand into nature?

Are you a nature lover? What do you think of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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