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You Oughta Know in the Prisoner-Guard Relationship Leads To Real Life Escape Industry

Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix only a couple weeks ago and I have already plowed through every episode. The main themes taking over the internet are about Ruby Rose’s breakout amazingness and who actually makes our underwear and wondering how often prisoner-guard relationships happen.

Recently, in the news two convicted murderers were able to escape from upstate New York Richard Matt and David Sweat. An interesting development came later when a potential love triangle emerged with a prison employee Joyce Mitchell. Potentially both prisoners “wooed” Mitchell.

Richard Matt, 49, was originally convicted for murdering and dismembering his 72- year old boss. Richard Matt has escaped from different prisons on numerous occasions.

David Sweat, 35, was convicted for brutally stabbing a Sheriff’s deputy in New York at age 22.

Quick Facts about the Prison Break:

  • David Sweat and Richard Matt were noticed missing from maximum-security section of the Dannemora, New York facility at 5:30am on June 6.

  • They used power tools to drill holes in the backs of their cells and eventually escape through the walls and out a man-hole cover a block away from the prison.

  • On June 12 it’s revealed that Joyce Mitchell, the instructor in the prison tailor shop was involved in the escape. There were allegations that she was romantically involved with the inmates and they were going to murder her husband before the three of them made their way to Mexico. She was potentially going to be the getaway drive but the day of the escape she checked herself into a hospital for “nerves”.

  • 22 Days after their escape Matt Sweat was shot and killed, David Sweat was shot and brought in for questioning.

  • 11 prison workers were placed on suspension due to this escape

This sounds like an upcoming episode of Deadly Affairs on Investigation Discovery.


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