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10 Tips To Always Have The Best Quickie.

A quickie is a wonderful thing. It’s not just for when you’ve got to get ready and get to work, it’s also perfect for when you feel frisky after having returned and getting cleaned up, but can barely stay awake at the same time.

The fact is, we’re busy. We’ve got places to be, people to meet and things going on. Squeezing a quickie in somewhere keeps things interesting and is your own little way of cheating the monotony of everyday existence, and feeling good about yourself while doing it. Here’s how to go for this win-win:

1. Make Inappropriate Advances

A quickie is all about getting into the mood in a flash; no hours of extended foreplay here. A suggestive look, an indelicate touch, a bit of light rubbing – all will do the trick.

2. Take A Risk

And use it to finish faster. Forget about closing that door or making sure no one’s still awake. But don’t get caught of course, so quick and dirty please.

3. But Not Just Anywhere

A quickie is still an intimate act, so unhygienic or off-putting locations – like a dusty closet – aren’t exactly the best choice, no matter how soon you think you’ll be done.

4. Morning Is Best

That said, there’s nothing like waking up 20 minutes after you alarm clock has gone off, and using your refreshed bodies for some fun before heading off to shower.

5. Mind The Clock, Please

A quickie loses its appeal and descends into awkwardness the longer it takes. Keep it short, make it count.

6. Keep It On

You don’t have to spend time undressing down to your birthday suit if you just want to get it on. In fact, imagine how hard it would make things if you were dressed for winter in a cold country. A couple of zippers and a couple of buttons can do the trick.

7. Sleep Around

The car, your parents house, you aunt’s house, your friend’s house. Just clean up after yourself and you’ll keep things interesting.

8. Chemistry, Not Alchemy

The goal isn’t orgasm (or gold, as in our metaphor) unless you’re one of the rarer ones. It’s electrifying, it’s dangerous, it’d be frowned upon by your parents, and it’s just a whole lot of fun.

9. No Missionary, Please

Not unless you’re in a field with nothing but grass all around you (and even then). There are a number of positions that you very well know exist, but haven’t paid much heed to thus far. Do.

10. Not That Quick.

Wait until her arousal’s at its peak before making your move. Enter too quick and you’re not getting very far. Wait for peak arousal, and when she’s ready for you to get her across the line, get in there and do your bit. That way, both of you keep coming back for more, and more and more.


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