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19 Random Facts About Orgasm You Had No Idea Were True

The most fascinating part of the human anatomy that continues to perplex men and women alike. And if you don’t believe us, scroll down through these 19 amazing and enlightening facts about orgasm that promise to blow your mind.

The basics first.

1. What Does It mean

Originated from the greek word orgasmos, the term is defined as “to swell with moisture, be excited or eager”.

2. Sex Can Be Addictive. No kidding

When they say sex can be addictive they are not kidding – specially for men. When they are having a orgasm, their orgasm stimulates the same area of the brain as does heroin in an addict’s brain.

3. Multiple Orgasms

It’s all true. The term is mostly associated with women who can have multiple orgasms – which could be orgasm in close succession – ranging from a few seconds to minutes apart.

4. Religion Had A Say In How Many Times You Should Fornicate

The recommendations for men to engage in martial coitus was set at once in 9 days by Zoroaster, Koran – once per week, Talmud- depending on your work – once a day to once a week ( thanks!)

5. Babies Do It (Inside The Womb)

The prestigious Journal of Ultrasound and Medicine once had a report published in it that talked about in-utero masturbation. To be clear, we are talking about babies that are still in their mother’s womb. A series of images (moving images as the ultrasounds tend to be) showed what’s clearly the hand stimulating the genitals in a manner reminiscent of well, masturbation; in babies that aren’t even born yet. And where there’s masturbation, there’s orgasm.\

6. No Genitals Required

Orgasm isn’t about 2 happy people bumping genitals, or one slightly less happy person fiddling with their own… there are verified cases of people being brought to orgasm by rubbing their eyebrows, stimulating the sensitive area around their injury (in paraplegics, especially) and by brushing their teeth (our favourite one). There’s also something called a knee-orgasm. Just so you know.

7. Little Death

Le petit mort, that’s the name the French have for orgasm. And it means “the little death”.

8. You Can Have Them When You’re (Legally) Dead

A beating heart cadaver is a person who is legally, and for all intents and purposes, very much dead, but whose heart is still beating and is hence on a respirator – possibly for organ donation. If the sacral nerve is triggered in such a person (the sacral nerve being the root of the orgasm along with the spinal nerve) then they can, and will, orgasm.

9. “Sexual Intercourse As A Potential Treatment For Intractable Hiccups”

There are many ill fated and well documented people who have had uncontrollable hiccups that last for years and years and can only be managed with medicine, but for one lucky Israeli, weeks of hiccups disappeared after he’d just had sex with his wife, and climaxed. This interesting (and very relieving) development led his doctor to file a case report in the Canadian Medical Journal – titled as above.

10. Orgasm Is Independent Of Age

You can get a orgasm even when you are 90 ( or more!). Though the duration of an orgasm tends to decrease as you age.

11. Orgasm To Conceive

It was long believed that the contractions that a woman experiences during orgasm lead to a greatly increased chance of conception, and right from the times of the ancient doctor Hippocrates, men were encouraged to “please their women” if they wanted to have offspring. Unfortunately for contemporary women, this hypothesis was proved untrue by two unpopular but brilliant researchers.

12. Orgasm Actually Helps Pigs Conceive

Pigs (or sows, to be precise) got more lucky. Researches found an increase in pig fertility rates as well as an increase in the number of offspring produced when females experienced orgasm at the time of insemination (even artificial). This led to a series of workers whose job it is to get sows (or female pigs) to orgasm. No joke.

13. Other Animals Are At It As Well

Orgasm isn’t limited to humans, the animal kingdom has its fair share of fun as well. Faces of macaques and other monkeys (primates, who are similar to humans in many ways) when they were in the throes of orgasm closely (and hilariously) resembled those of humans.

14. Studying (Human) Orgasm Isn’t At All Easy

Especially in women. The most famous researchers (and pioneers in the field) were duo Masters and Johnson, who among many incredible things, devised paraphernalia that resembled a phallus, but with a camera attached to it. We know a lot due to that interesting device that sadly, no longer exists.

15.Sex Doesn’t Burn Calories

Sorry to break it to you. Sex by itself doesn’t burn any calories, just 2-3. But the activity, foreplay and more can burn upto 50 calories or more.

16. Aristotle Knew Thee

The Greek philosopher and scientist was the first to write about the female ejaculation.

17. Orgasm Causes Bad Breath

Theodoor van de Velde, a best selling author in the 1930s, first postulated the theory that a slight odour can be detected in a woman’s breath for as long as up to an hour after she’s orgasmed. The odour was described as “seminal,” as in relating to semen.

18. It’s Always Worth It

One of the more interesting experiments when it comes to orgasm was one conducted by Alfred Kinsey, in his quest to find out just how far semen flies after it has been ejaculated – on average. He did this because it was believed then that the speed of the ejaculate matters in conception (it does not), but the “how” is more interesting. His equipment? 300 men, measuring tape and a projector. Oh, and lots and lots of newspaper for the carpet. The highest distance, just for the record, was an impressive 8 feet.

19. National Masturbation Month

May is the National Masturbation Month. Enjoy yourself!

Don’t forget to catch this video on some more super interesting facts ( right from the Victorian era) about orgasm below:

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