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9 Ways To Tease Your Husband That Are More Naughty

Ah, teasing. There’s something special in making someone want you in places or at a time when they can’t have you immediately, or even giving them a small reminder of what lies in store for them when they return.

It really gets men going, and you can pretty much guarantee that they won’t be able to think of very much else for the rest of the day (thus crippling their productivity) because you did that one thing that particular way, just at that time… and, uhh. Here’s what to do if you want to be a tease:

1. Texting

Or you know, that other word they have for it now. Let him know what you’re planning to do to him, or how you’re thinking about the last time, and say it in an offhand, nonchalant way. It’ll always get him going.

2. Send A Pic/Snapchat

We’ve all got smart-phones now, chances are you’re reading this on one. Click a pic, don’t have to be naughty, even the most subtle and suggestive ones will do, and send it to him while he’s out at work or on business or otherwise occupied. Try a picture of your bed with a caption that reads “Just waiting.”

3. Look Him In The Eyes

Touch is a pretty big catalyst for arousal, who would have thought? Grab onto his arm for a lingering moment before he heads out the door, and look him dead in the eyes. And let go, but maintain eye contact. He may not be the most attentive, but he’ll get the hint.

4. Whisper

Into his ear at the dinner table when visiting family, on the roller-coaster at Disney World, it doesn’t matter. The act itself is highly sexual and stimulating, and feel of your warm breath on his ear will do the trick by itself, no matter what sweet nothings you choose to utter.

5. Touch Him

Touch is central to human arousal, who would have thought? Sit on his lap (instead of next to him) sometime while watching TV, and get him all hot and bothered and wanting to initiate even more, um, intimate contact.

6. Public Displays Of Affection

There are plenty of ways to get your kicks out in public without seeming uncouth. A simple one is to slip your hand into his back pocket when you’re in a lift, or hold his hand and pull him slightly closer, while continuing to walk and talk like nothing just happened.

7. Stop/Start

Let’s go back to the ‘sitting on a couch’ scenario. Kiss him, first lightly and then all at once, and then when he’s begging for more, let him know that this was for you to tease him and not for his enjoyment, then make yourself comfortable in his lap as you go back to the TV.

8. Lingerie

Simplest method really. Bonus points if you walk around at home in it on occasion, and pair it with points 3, 4 and maybe even 5, above.

9. Perfume

The counterpart to the erotic lingerie is sexy perfume. Fragrance plays a huge part in arousal, so make sure to spray a teensy bit of the same perfume on one of his personal effects so that the whole day he has you – in lingerie – on his mind.

10. Make The Mornings Memorable

Starting off on the right foot – like a passionate make out sash for 5-7 minutes – is a great way to start off your morning, and make sure you’re on his mind right from the time he gets in to shower to the time he gets back


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