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High School Hookup Games That Should Make A Comeback In 2016

A time best characterized by hookups, breakups, being carefree and all of the general debauchery that ensued. But perhaps the most fun times of them all were the times we all spent as teenagers playing a number of hook-up games just for the thrill, and the chance that we might get lucky and get the one we’ve been eyeing.

Even if you didn’t play these as teenagers, and are feeling like you missed out on something quite special, fret not. You can try these out now too. In fact, we think all of these amazing 7 games should make a comeback right about now.

1. Hide And Go Get Some

While the premise remains the same as the original, non R-rated version, this special game (with a rather amusing and apt title, may we add) involves one partner hiding while the other goes seeking. The real fun happens when you’re caught of course, which is when you proceed to “get some,” and what definition that entails depends entirely on risqué you are feeling.

2. Suck And Blow

This is a simple game with very interesting rules and results. A player takes a card to his lips and “sucks” the card to keep it attached to his lips. He then approaches the one to his left to kiss them through the card, the other has to blow to keep the card in place. Things get interesting when one or both people “accidentally” forget to suck or blow, hence locking lips – minus the card.

3. Hot Sauce

This one is even simpler. Partners line up across each other and each takes a drop of hot sauce on their lips. They then try and see who can make out the longest – the last ones left win in this fiery game.

4. Strip Twister

Spin the bottle, and each time it misses your partner, you have to lose a piece of clothing. There is a mat with designated positions that the player then has to assume, giving everyone else a view to remember. Alcohol may or may not be involved to make things a jolly sight more difficult and fun!

5. Seven Minutes In Heaven

Excited teenagers draw lots or spin a bottle in this high school classic which is equally fun as adults. The partner you end up with and you then make your way into a dark closet for seven minutes, where you are left to your devices and things can steamy (or not).

6. Spin The Bottle

Spin the bottle and make out with your “chosen” partner. Sound simple enough? Things get interesting when the same two people are picked again, and the making out requires an added element, which is entirely up to you.

7. Truth Or Dare

Arguably the most common and popular amongst teenagers, truth or dare used to be terrifying in case you were made to give up the name of your crush (made even worse by the fact that they are in the same room). Now as adults, with a lot more to lose and plenty more to hide, the game still reigns supreme as an excellent hookup game that can pass away the hours.

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