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Moves That Will Make You Look Like A Pro In Bed.

The Internet as it is colloquially and fondly known, your lack of experience in the sack had only one remedy – practice. Sure, there were the “wise ones” you could rely on to pass on some advice, but they were hard to get a hold of and of no good whatsoever if you were shy.

Luckily, times have changed. Here are 13 things that you need to be doing that will ensure a great time is had by both you and your partner in bed, sexual experience not required.

1. Touch

Touch is the foundation of great sex, not sight. So make use of your hands and explore your partner’s body with caresses, squeezes and massages, and we’re sure it’ll be one of the more pleasurable sessions that you’ve had.

2. Ask Questions

No, not all the time, or like a questionnaire. Find out from their partner whether they like what you’re doing with your hands now or if they like what you were doing with your mouth earlies. They’ll be all too happy to point you in the right direction.

3. Shut Up

Conversely, when the two of you are getting into the act and you can feel their breathing intensifying and their body squirming, make sure to not say too much and keep doing that you’re doing. They’re loving it.

4. Focus On The Moment

Too much time and effort is wasted in trying to look good in bed or some such silly reason. Instead, focus on the moment and the feelings and sensations that come up when two people make love., It is much more worth it and will make your partner feel right at ease too.

5. Cowgirl Is Your Friend

having the woman on top gives her control over the rhythm, speed, penetration and clitoral stimulation, and it gives him a great view. Win – win in our book.

6. Go South

This is slightly easier for women when compared to men, but fret not. There are a LOT of really good tutorials when it comes to how to pleasure women down there, so do some digging. The word’s “Nina Hartley” and “tutorial” come to mind.

7. Kissing Is Key

Kissing is a big part of intimacy. Set the mood just right by showering each other with passionate kisses that are sure to make the temperature rise just a bit more in the bedroom.

8. Pay Attention To The Whole Body

Sex as an experience isn’t limited to merely penetration, in fact there’s a lot more to it. So, instead of paying heed to only the nether regions, make sure to explore the entirety of your partner’s body. The neck, chest, thighs, and feet of both the female and male body are many of the erogenous zones to explore.

9. Enthusiasm Is Everything

No matter how good your moves, they aren’t worth very much if you’re not enthusiastic about the entire deal. Pull them closer when you’re together, wrap your arms around them and generally let them know you’re feeling the moment, and we’re sure they’ll respond in kind – leading to an entirely steamy session.

10. Smells And Sounds

Sex involves all of the 5 senses working in tandem, so be sure to slip on some relaxing and sexy music and light a scented candle or two before you clamber into bed together.

11. Verbal Arousal

The music on it’s own isn’t enough however, but there’s a simple to solution to fixing that. You don’t have to resort to dirty talk but just let them know that you’re really into what it is the two of you are doing. Moans, groans and sighs (the right kind) work wonders as well.

12. Be Open To Trying New Things

If your partner suggests a move or position that you aren’t familiar with, be up for it and say it with a smile. Tell them that though you’re not proficient with what they’re suggesting, you would be totally down to try it with their lead.

13. Just Have Fun

If you forget all of the above 12 points, just remember that your partner is having sex with you because they want to, and not because they’re testing you or expecting you to move mountains. Relax and know that sex is all about fun, so have the best time that you can possibly!

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