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Reasons That Make You Wake Up In The Morning. And Have Sex

Sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. But there’s nothing quite like morning sex to start off your day with a bang, literally! Here are 9 reasons you should be having a lot more sex in the morning:

1. It’s The Best Alarm Clock There Is

You wont find yourself reaching for that snooze button if you’ve got a partner willing to engage in some morning fun by your side. And it will have you more awake than 2 refills of coffee ever could.

2. You Start Your Day Off On The Right Foot

A University of Cincinnati research shows that morning sex is a natural stress reliever with highly potent anti­stress effects that could last for up to a week! It increases levels of IgA, which is an important antibody that helps in staving off infection, so you’ll be healthier too.

3. It’s The Best Morning Workout

Sex burns calories, and plenty of them. And unless you’re very much into running, it sure as heck beats a morning jog.

4. Because You’re Already Naked

Sure, sometimes it’s fun to get your partner’s clothes off as part of the foreplay, but most of the time it’s a unnecessary hassle; when you wake up, you’re already mostly naked.

5. It’s The Most Intimate Sex

You’re most vulnerable – and groggy – when you first wake up in the morning. There’s no brushing of teeth, straightening of hair, or applying makeup here. There’s no bad day to recall, no long drive that left you exhausted or anything else – just the two of you in your intimate space.

6. The Lights Are On

Reaffirming that the both of you are still attracted to each other when you can see each other clearly, and you don’t need alcohol to get it on.

7. Post Coital Glow

It’s a thing. Your co­workers can tell. They’re jealous, but it’s okay.

8. It’s Decadent

But in a good way. It’s like starting your day off in the best way possible, it’s almost unfair, but it feels so right.

9. Start Off With A Bang

Starting you day off with an orgasm – who doesn’t want to do that?

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