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Things To Say In Bed That Will Drive Your Man Crazy

1. “Do you like the view?”

This is one of those statements that when uttered by the girl when she’s on top, will drive her man CRAZY.

2. “Oh, my God, I missed this”

Works best for when the two of you haven’t gotten it on for a while. He will swell with pride, if you know what we mean.

3. “I love you”

As a gentle whisper, when the two of you are just beginning to slow down after being all hot and bothered. Not too early, not too loud.

4. “You’re all mine. Only mine”

This is another one that’s sure to drive him over the edge. There’s nothing better than feeling desired.

5. “You make it so hard to leave”

Best said after a morning session after which the both of you have places to be. If he hears you say this, it will make his entire week, if not month.

6. “I need you right now”

A little foreplay and then BAM, hit him with this. He’ll be incredibly turned on once he’s gathered his wits.

7. “You feel so good”

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When delivered spontaneously and with honesty, it is the most incredible thing to hear for a guy. So let him know the next time he does good for you.

8. “Take me”

Just as things are warming up and the two of you are about to get into the groove. Ridiculously hot for him to hear.

9. “Deeper”

If your man is being a sweetheart and taking it slow, but you’re in no mood for chivalry… this will make his head spin if uttered with a light moan.

10. “This is your home”

Tell him what he wants to hear, but be warned, he’ll be giddy from hearing it.

11. “I love the way you do that. Don’t stop”

Best moaned softly when he tries something new that makes you feel like a goddess. Unfortunately, also known to cause men to stop unexpectedly and earlier than usual.

12. “Kiss me here”

Make his life simpler and drive him over the edge by taking control. Let him know exactly where you want to feel his lips and warm breath.

13. “I know what you want, but I’m going to make you beg”

Sex is fun, and this little utterance makes it very hard for him (sorry) to not go again with renewed vigour. A win-win.

14. “You’re all mine tonight, and you’re not going anywhere any time soon”

Oh, God. You better be prepared for what you will inevitably receive.

15. “I’m only ever a bad girl for you”

Making him feel special while already feeling special. He’ll do whatever you want.

16. “I know you’ve been thinking about me all day. I’m guilty of it too”

Is it hot in here or what?

17. “Now I’m going to get what I need”

Need we say anything? Just plain scorching.

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