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Why Do We Have Sex At Night? There Is Science Behind That

It’s a curious phenomenon, one that deserves investigation. Why do we do it when the sun’s not out, and why do we prefer to do it in the safety of our beds, the very place we feel safe enough to rest?

Okay, that second one is obvious enough. We choose to involve ourselves in activities like sex and eating only in places and times we will not have to fight or protect ourselves. And your bed is the one place you think is safe, generally.

But what about the very act of sex; why do we prefer to do it under a cover of darkness? Do we not feel like having sex when the sun is up? Or is it the effect of the moon in the relative absence of the sun? Or is it worse, and we’re a bunch of potatoes who feel like having sex only when we know we’re not going to have to do anything afterwards?

Okay, so it’s a combination of all the above and more, and they together form one dominant factor. Just like how we’ve got a circadian rhythm, we’ve actually got a horniness cycle in place too. This cycle is determined by a lot of things but seems to peak sometime between nine-ten pm and 6-7 am.

Factors include ease of access, time to recuperate, the fact that sex works like a lullaby, putting your mind at ease. If you programmed yourself to get horny at a specific time in the night, based on breaking rules and staying up late, and your own slow down, our psychological approval timings for such activity, ovulation, the fact that we usually take a bath in the morning, since we’re too tired to do so right after sex, and we prefer to go out into the world and to work without the scent of a mate on ourselves, and a lot of other things earlier thought to be random coincidences.

Two other factors come into play here. The levels of testosterone in men, and their peak times, and the fact that human males will pick sex over food, anytime. That factor isn’t played straight, it’s more like if food is on their minds, sex will be too. And women are normally too tired to get into a fight saying no every night, except when their hormones tell them to.

It’s not all as woeful as it sounds. We’ve just evolved to the point where we get to choose and set the time we get horny. That means all you need to do to get your partner in the mood is to get them in the mood. Easy peasy!


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